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Our ancestors survived in a world without HVAC; fortunately, you don’t have to. Today, you can have ideal indoor conditions at all times. If you’re too cold, you can turn on the heat. If you’re too hot, you can turn on the air conditioning. All it takes is a simple thermostat adjustment. But wait, there’s more:

Programmed Temperature Control

These days, you don’t even have to adjust the thermostat. Just tell a programmable thermostat the temperatures you want and when. The thermostat will take care of the rest with no additional input from you.

Perfect Relative Humidity

North Georgia weather seldom serves up ideal humidity levels. The air can be too dry one day and too moist the next. Indoors, it’s another story. Air conditioners remove excess moisture and keep relative humidity at a comfortable 30-50 percent. In winter, indoor air can be dry, but a humidifier will easily set that straight.

Different Temperatures in Different Rooms

With zoning, you can maintain a different temperature in each room. In partnership with a programmable thermostat, zoning allows you to have each room on its own heating and cooling schedule.

WiFi Thermostats That Do the Thinking for You

If you don’t want to fiddle with a programmable thermostat, a smart thermostat is for you. Simply adjust the thermostat as you normally would; within a few days, this smart device learns what you like and takes over the chore for you. If it inadvertently does something you don’t like, simply override it using any WiFi-connected device, and it will learn from that as well.

To explore more about the wonderful world of modern HVAC air control, including easy-as-pie ways to have indoor air that’s healthier than the Cartersville, GA, outdoor air, visit Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., or call (770) 382-1221.

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