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You need a good heating system to maintain the comfort and safety of your family during the winter in Taylorsville, GA. But energy costs associated with heating your home can sometimes become a source of stress. Here are five tips for saving money while ensuring sufficient heat in your home:

Fix Leaks

Before the cold of winter approaches, you should check your heating system for leaks. Leakage increases your monthly energy bills by making it necessary for your system to replace the air it’s already heated. Leaks may also allow the cold air from outside to enter your home.

Control Humidity

The dry air of winter will rob your skin of moisture and heat. One idea to combat this problem is by using a humidifier to increase the humidity inside your home. This will allow you to feel more warmth without increasing the workload on your heating system.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans run counterclockwise when used to cool your home. Reversing this motion to clockwise will provide you with a low-cost way to increase warmth in winter. Fans that run clockwise pull down the warm air that accumulates near the ceiling and distributes the air throughout the room.

Block Flue

If you leave the flue open on your fireplace, it’s like leaving a window open. Air will sometimes leak from the flue even when it’s closed. You can use a chimney balloon or fireplace flue blocker to eliminate warmth-stealing drafts.

Attic Tent

Installing an attic tent will provide a barrier of insulation between your home and the attic. This barrier will prevent the heat loss that can occur when the warm air from your home rises and escapes into the attic.

You and your family will benefit if you can provide the necessary warmth in winter without placing a strain on the household budget. Call us at Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to take care of all your heating needs.

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