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Modern air conditioners have built-in features that prevent them from making unnecessary noises, including variable-speed compressors and sound-dampening technology. If you notice that your AC system in Rome, GA, is making unusual noises, you’ll need to diagnose and fix the issue. Read on to understand some of the noises to look for and their causes.

Whistling Noises

If you notice that your air conditioner is making these noises, it could be because of blocked airflow. The most probable reason for blocked airflow is that the ducts are incompatible with your HVAC equipment.

Sometimes, regular replacement of the HVAC units might cause you to end up with incompatible parts, including small ductwork pieces, which might trigger whistling noises. Also, damaged ductwork will create whistling sounds when air escapes through leaks and cracks.

Rattling Noises

Loose air conditioner parts might cause the system to produce severe shaking and rattling noises. Some of these loose parts might include motors and AC panels. Sometimes, the mounting screw of your air conditioner might come loose, causing it to produce shaking noises because of instability. You should never try to secure the mounting screw by yourself because you run the risk of coming into contact with dangerous chemicals and high-voltage electricity. If you hear rattling or shaking sounds, we can provide AC repair services.

Humming Noises

A defective fan in the AC system may cause regular humming noises. Our service technicians might clean the blower to solve the problem and check whether you have worn-out parts in the fan. Other issues that might cause humming sounds are blades that have bent or shifted and fan motor problems.

Clicking Noises

It’s typical for the AC system to produce clicking sounds as you turn it on and off. However, if you regularly hear clicking sounds at other times, it might be time to call our service technicians. A failing thermostat system or control unit can cause those noises.

Proper installation and regular AC maintenance are essential to prevent some of these unusual noises. Contact us at Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for professional HVAC services.

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