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The holidays are a time for celebration and cheer, but it’s also a season for increased utility bills. Here are a few ways to save energy in your Cartersville, Georgia, home this holiday season:

Switch to LED Lights

Switch out those old incandescent holiday lights with LED strands. Incandescent lighting is horribly inefficient, with LEDs using 70 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Decorative LED lights are brighter, safer, cooler and eco-friendly, plus they won’t overload a wall socket.

Prefer the warm look of your old incandescent bulbs? Purchase LED strands with the word “warm” on the box.

Combine Your Errands

Between holiday meal planning and shopping for gifts, we spend a lot of time on the road this time of year. Combining errands to reduce the number of trips you take helps you fuel up less often.

The same goes for ordering gifts online. Every time you order a separate purchase, that’s another trip the delivery truck has to make. Make a list and do all your shopping at once to keep fuel consumption in check.

Give Energy-Efficient Gifts

You try to keep your energy usage in check, but what about your family and friends? Purchasing energy-efficient gifts is a great way to spread awareness about the importance of energy efficiency. Plus, energy-efficient gadgets are pretty amazing in their own right.

Smart thermostats, for instance, allow a user to control the home’s temperature from anywhere in the world, so long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Imagine how grateful your loved ones will be the next time they go away from home and want to check in!

As always, saving energy starts at home, so do your best to watch your energy usage this holiday season. Call Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning at (770) 382-1221 to schedule an HVAC service appointment or learn more about our eco-friendly products. Together, we can take more environmentally conscious steps to reduce our energy consumption.

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