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Keeping your air conditioner running all summer long in Rome, GA, tends to make your electric bill sky high. Even though it’s worth it at the time, you can make some changes to keep those bills lower during the hottest part of the year. Here are four ways to cut the cost of spring and summer energy bills in your home:

Install a Smart Thermostat

You’ve heard it before — keep your hands off the thermostat. Set it and leave it. That’s still true, but with a new twist. By replacing your old thermostat with a smart model, you’ll save even more on your utility bills and get additional benefits while doing so. Another plus is that with remote capabilities, you can turn it on or off or adjust the temperature from a distance, all from your smartphone. You can be in another room or even heading home from work.

Trap Cool Air Inside

The nighttime hours will generally feel cooler than the daytime. When it’s cool enough outside, leave some of your windows safely cracked open at night to let the cool air inside. When you get up in the morning before the day starts warming up, close the windows and you’ll have cooler air inside to start your day. You might be able to put off starting your AC system so early.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Replacing your air conditioner filter every month will keep air flowing correctly through your unit and reduce the number of allergens. Keep your outdoor condensing unit free of yard debris. And have your AC tuned up on a regular basis to make sure drains are clear and coolant is at the right level to keep your system operating at its best.

Know Which Way Your Fan Should Spin

In the summer, or whenever you want to cool your house down, your overhead fans should spin counterclockwise. If your fan has a little switch on it, use it to make sure the fan blades are going in the correct direction. This will pull the warm air out of the room. Later in the year, when you want to keep your home warmer, flip the switch the other way and it’ll send the warm air in the other direction.

High energy bills don’t need to be a nightmare every summer. With a few adjustments, you can make electricity more affordable in your home. For help in finding other ways to keep summer utility costs down, reach out to Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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