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Unfortunately, allergies don’t take a winter holiday. Those of us in Cartersville, Georgia, who are sensitive to allergens need to find other means of dealing with the symptoms. Here are a few suggestions we can offer for beating those pesky winter allergies.

Boost Your Air Filter Power

Air filters do an amazing job of filtering out allergens, but only when you change them regularly. Allergy sufferers should check their HVAC filters each month and change them if they note any clogs. If the filters look okay, don’t go any longer than three months without swapping them out for fresh ones.

You should also use a vacuum and an air purifier with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. HEPA filters drastically improve allergy symptoms, so you may even consider a whole-home purifier to reap the maximum benefits.

Balance Indoor Humidity

Certain allergens thrive in environments that are either too moist or too dry. Not having the right indoor humidity levels can cause nasal congestion, sinus irritation, inflammation and a sore throat. Even worse, overly humid homes can become breeding grounds for dust mites, mildew and mold.

HVAC add-ons, such as a whole-home dehumidifier or humidifier, can help maintain the proper balance your family needs for a healthy home.

Properly Wash All Of Your Bedding

The bedroom is a breeding ground for dust mites, so if you tend to wake up feeling stuffy, your bedroom hygiene may be lacking. Invest in hypoallergenic covers for your mattress and pillows, and wash the bedding in hot water every week. Set the dryer on the hottest setting, too, for good measure.

Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality is especially important for allergy sufferers, regardless of the season. Call Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning at (770) 382-1221 to learn more about our indoor air quality services and HVAC add-ons.

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