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Residents in Cartersville, Georgia, want to keep their utility bills as low as possible during the spring. You can do many things to help your air conditioner run efficiently. Being proactive keeps cooling bills as low as possible as temperatures get warmer. Here are a few energy-saving tips to help:

Clean Your Air Conditioner Vents

If the air conditioner vents around your home are coated with debris, such as dust and pet hair, the cooling system has to work harder to cool your home. Spend some time cleaning the vents with a soft cloth. It could make a big difference this spring and summer.

Consider Installing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t make the air in your home cooler by themselves. Instead, they circulate the air to make the effect of the air conditioner more noticeable. Installing a ceiling fan in a high-traffic area of your home can make you feel cooler and more comfortable. Make sure your ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise direction during the summer to experience the windchill effect.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Unfortunately, some people get in touch with us only after they discover something’s wrong with their HVAC system. Taking that approach often causes lifestyle disruptions and higher-than-average expenses. Now’s a great time to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment to have your air conditioner serviced.

Our service technicians can ensure that everything is in working order. We can also offer pointers on how to make the system as energy efficient as possible. Maintenance appointments can also reveal small issues that can quickly escalate into bigger problems. When those get tackled quickly, they’re less likely to cause your air conditioner to break down.

To schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your air conditioner, contact the Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning team at (770) 382-1221. We’re ready to get your air conditioner equipped to run efficiently and help you save money.

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