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It’s that time of year when residents in Canton, Georgia, start spring cleaning. While you’re clearing the clutter and dust from the long winter season, now’s also the perfect time to think about any HVAC maintenance tasks you’ve neglected, especially if they affect your home’s overall comfort and indoor air quality. Here are a few air conditioning checks we recommend adding to your spring cleaning checklist.

Change the HVAC Filter

Did you know your HVAC filter should be changed at least four times a year, preferably with the seasons?

Most Georgia homes have a heat pump that combines ventilation, heating, and air conditioning, so the system filter clogs easily. A dirty HVAC filter can reduce your system’s airflow and efficiency, causing the unit to wear out faster than normal.

While your HVAC technician will service your system once or twice per year, depending on your maintenance agreement, it’s up to you to change the HVAC filter every one to three months. You should change it more often if you have pets, smoke indoors or have a large family.

Clean All Vents and Registers

In addition to the main HVAC filter, your home also has smaller filters housed inside air vents in every room. These should also be replaced as often as your HVAC filter. Plan to complete both tasks together to make it easier to remember.

Vacuum them weekly to keep them free from debris, and wipe them down with a damp cloth as needed. Also, make sure there are no curtains, pieces of furniture or knickknacks blocking the registers.

Clear the Outdoor AC Unit

Outdoor AC units are notorious for attracting dead leaves, weeds, branches, insects and other debris, especially during the winter months when they’re not in use. Remove any noticeable debris from around the unit, and spray it with a low-pressure garden hose to remove as much buildup as possible, especially between the fins.

For bigger tasks, enlist the help of an HVAC professional. Call Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning at (770) 382-1221 to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer’s workload.

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