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Now is the time for Cartersville, Georgia, residents to remain vigilant. After running the air conditioner on full blast this summer, fall is the perfect time to look for signs that your system needs HVAC maintenance. Here are some things to look for.

Strange Smells

When you switch to heat in the fall, you might notice a weird odor. It may smell like something is burning or have a sulfur-like quality to it.

Regardless of what it smells like, you’ll notice it. In some cases, the smell is normal. But if it lasts for more than a few hours, you might have a problem. Err on the safe side, turn off the heater and contact an HVAC service technician.

Excessive Dust

Do you have more dust this fall than you remember dealing with last year? If so, it could be your HVAC system.

Several HVAC issues can cause excessive dust to accumulate in your home, including dirty ducts and clogged air filters. If no amount of cleaning seems to make a difference, call in an expert. We can identify the problem to help ward off any respiratory issues that can stem from excess dust in the air.

Weird Noises

You’ve turned on the heat and now your HVAC system is making a knocking sound. Is that normal? It depends.

Certain noises are normal as the system switches from air conditioning to heating. If the noise doesn’t go away or sounds unusual, you might have a problem. Unusual noises might sound like rattling, popping, grating or grinding. Any one of them can indicate that something is breaking down in the system.

Short Cycles

Normal HVAC cycles last for several minutes in order to reach the right temperature. But if your system turns on and off frequently, it should be a concern.

Whenever you suspect something is off, call Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning at (770) 382-1221. Trying to repair an air conditioner or a heater on your own can risk further damage or danger to your life. We’ll address and take care of your HVAC needs in no time.

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