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Fall is quickly approaching the Cartersville, Georgia, area. But your home’s air conditioner still has quite a bit of time before it can stop work for the winter. Inefficient ACs can suck energy and make you dread your monthly utility bills. There are several ways to tell if your air conditioner is an energy- and a money-sucking vampire of a machine.

Signs of Air Conditioner Inefficiency

1) It’s typical for your energy bill to go up during the heat of summer. You can typically ballpark what your bill will cost. If you receive a bill that surprises you, you might have an AC that needs attention.

2) Ice formation on your AC means that your unit is working too hard. Ice buildup happens because of low refrigerant levels, damage to coils and poor airflow. Excessively dirty filters cause the system to form ice on the exterior unit, because the unit cannot get enough air. If you don’t address this problem, it could mean complete system failure.

3) It’s also normal for your air conditioner to come on more often during hot weather. Properly functioning units will come on and run for longer amounts of time before shutting off. If you notice that it comes on, runs for a short time and shuts off, and then comes on again in a few minutes, it could be a sign of an issue.

4) It’s also normal for your air conditioner to make some noise while it runs. What’s not normal is loud banging or clanking, squealing or squeaking, or grinding. Extraordinary sounds mean you could have broken or loose parts. The longer you let damaged parts run inside your AC, the likelier you are to shell out big bucks for repairs or total system replacement.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs from your AC, call Pendley Heating and Air Conditioning at (770) 382-1221 today. Our skilled service technicians are glad to answer questions and help increase your system’s efficiency.

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