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The need to conserve cooled indoor air means that most Canton homes are sealed up tight to keep energy costs under control. However, insufficient fresh air in tightly-sealed buildings can cause high concentrations of indoor air pollution that pose more of a health hazard than the air outside.

What Is Indoor Air Pollution and What Can I Do About It?

Pet dander, dust, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fumes from paint and cleaning agents, second-hand smoke and gasses can all be present in your home. The good news is that your Canton Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) can help you remove these contaminants from the air you breathe and protect your family from their adverse effects. Here are two revolutionary Trane systems that can banish indoor air pollution once and for all:

Trane FreshEffects™ Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Without sacrificing energy efficiency, Trane’s innovative FreshEffects™ ERV moves polluted air out and brings fresh air in. FreshEffects™ gets rid of cooking odors, natural gasses, fumes, chemical vapors, second-hand smoke and other airborne toxins that collect in homes without enough ventilation. With this cutting-edge HVAC technology running quietly in the background, stale indoor air will quickly become old news.

Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner

The patented, state-of-the-art CleanEffects™ system removes up to 99.98 percent of airborne indoor allergens. The filter traps bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, dander, lint, dust, second-hand smoke and other irritants that can make you sick, cause allergic reactions and aggravate respiratory conditions. The CleanEffects™ system is up to 100 times more effective at removing airborne toxins than standard AC filters.

Indoor air pollution can cause unexplained symptoms like headaches, nausea, lethargy, nose, throat and sinus irritations, watery eyes, sneezing, skin rashes and dizziness. As a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) serving Cartersville and Northwest Atlanta, Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., can help you have indoor air that’s fresh, pollution-free and healthy. To learn more about Trane indoor air quality solutions, visit us online or call us directly at (770) 343-4956 for more information.

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