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When it’s cold outside, knowing how to warm your body to its normal core temperature can mean the difference between being comfortable indoors and facing a life-threatening condition known as “hypothermia.” Becoming wet or chilled increases the chances of developing hypothermia, even in temperatures higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The tips in this article will guide you in knowing how to warm up indoors in cold weather.

Simple Ways to Help Your Body Warm Up

  1. Install a programmable thermostat for your furnace. A programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature while you are away and still have your home’s indoor air comfortably warm when you return.
  2. As soon as you arrive home, turn your ceiling fans on in reverse. Reversible ceiling fans push warmed air away from the ceiling and back into the living areas. This helps your body warm up a bit faster and improves the efficiency of your furnace.
  3. Change into dry, warm clothes right away. Add layers if needed, or wrap a blanket around yourself.
  4. Fix something warm to drink, such as coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee with caffeine works well because caffeine helps metabolize fatty acids in the body. Metabolic action produces heat.
  5. If your hands and feet often are cold when the rest of your body is warm, you may need more iron. Beef, pork and chicken are rich sources of this mineral. Because the iron in lean meats is more easily absorbed than iron from other sources, increasing the amount of lean meats that you eat may warm your hands and feet.

Heating Help for Northwest Georgia Homeowners

If you live in Northwest Georgia and would like to learn more about ways to warm your house’s indoor air, check out solutions provided by Pendley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., or call (770) 382-1221. Located in Cartersville, this family-owned business guarantees its work and provides emergency services around the clock.

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